Tuesday, October 30, 2007

bully was underground...and has a show coming up this friday

sometimes a picture can be a thousand words. Usually i like to write those words, but not tonight. its late, im tired, and my 25th birthday was on a tuesday. I spent the non-work part at band practice (show this Friday at Elbo Room!) , and blogging.

here is a photo-essay of our last show with Walter J. Liveharder and Jedsed at Underground Lounge. Thanks to Ciesiel and CBK for the paparazzi assistance.

the marquee...


Jedsed, rapping and watching the Red Sox playoff game at the same time.

Wally discussing something with Weber

newest shirt. not for sale!

crowd shot, taken when i should have been playing guitar

A-Ron up first.

Master J. with the 1,2,3,4

sometimes we need a compass on stage to tell us where to look.

Where's Simon??

muah haha

reppin' st. c.

i am addicted to stupid guitar pedals.

that sweater definitely came off during the set. see below.

hip hop jam with the fam

A Family Affair.


Our show this Friday! YES! Be there?

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