Tuesday, November 13, 2007

sunshine through brick

We had a great time rocking the Elbo room the other week. It's dark down there, because that's what makes for a great rock club. Constant darkness...kind of like what it looks like outside when I wake up, and also when I leave work. This winter, will I only see sunshine through windows?

Here is a visual recap!

More fantastic photos by Ciesiel.

Unwavering, diehard fan support...

...never ceases to amaze us!

Jannotta is so hardcore that cameras cannot capture him accurately on standard film.

The ghost in the machine?

Simon is also an X-Men character in his free time, apparently.

The next weekend we had no gig, so things got a bit outta hand around here. More on this later...?


Did I mention we have a Bully in the Hallway Facebook page?

Upcoming heads up on shows

12.05 - Tonic Room
12.13 - Martyr's
12.22 - xmas party ? (maybe...)

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