Bully in the Hallway is a high energy, all original, guitar-driven quintet that has garnered comparisons to Fugazi, Bear Vs. Shark, Rise Against and Naked Raygun

Photo by Justin Watson James
Bully in the Hallway has recorded a new EP set to be released in early summer 2013, with a follow up EP to follow in late 2013. The Chicago group released their acclaimed sophomore album “Crooks and their Castles” in December 2011 at Chicago’s famed Empty Bottle, and followed with showcase slots at SXSW 2012 as well as shows throughout the Midwest. “Crooks and their Castles” followed the successful and much lauded 2009 debut  “Apples and Sunshine."

In the past they’ve shared the stage with acts such as Titus Andronicus, the Smoking Popes, Dax Riggs, Riverboat Gamblers, The Methadones, My Goodness, All Eyes West, Single Mothers, Mannequin Men, Sybris and many others.

Press Highlights –
 “… a nice synthesis of East Bay melodic punk (like Samiam) with its Midwestern forebears (like Naked Raygun and The Replacements).” The Onion’s AV Club Previews a show at Metro Chicago (link)
“...(the)fast-paced guitar work (and) the multi-fold harmonies are awfully nice... There’s an intricate sophistication to most of (their songs)... If they keep this up, we may be talking about this Bully in the same breath as another Chicago band with punk tendencies who can carry a tune, and that’s Rise Against.” Consequence of Sound on “Crooks and their Castles” (link)

“The second coming of Naked Raygun?... Crooks is bursting with energy, excitement, and hooks. This only being Bully’s second full-length, the album proves that this is a band to keep an eye on.” The Big Takover & Examiner.com (link)

“This is the band's second self-released album and if they continue to make these types of leaps in their sound and presentation they will find a home label in 2012.” The Deli Magazine (link)

With Crooks and their Castles, Bully in the Hallway manage to craft a version of melodic punk and hardcore while not letting their love of alternative rock and big hooks go to the wayside. And instead, they combine them for a record that’s equally fun as it is energetic…” LoudLoopPress.com  (link)

"Driving guitar anthems with soaring choruses that occasionally recall the more straight forward moments of Braid.  While definitely more “punk” and “rock” than that band ever was, CaTC still demonstrates a similar sense of guitar interplay and approach to melody that helps distinguish the band from the sea of a million punk rock bands... At their heart, Bully in the Hallway is smart punk rock.  Smart lyrically, musically and emotionally..."Post Card Elba (link)

“The truly refreshing aspect of Bully is their tendency to stray from the “yawn” music that dominates the indie-charts of today... this Chicago quintet is most definitely punk rock and embraces comparisons to Fugazi and other staples of the genre. Consequence of Sound on “Apples and Sunshine” (link)

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