Wednesday, October 17, 2007

an average question...upcoming scarves

People come up to me, and although it's never happened, I know they are thinking of asking me:

"What is a typical 24-hour period for bully in the hallway?"

So to help them out, lets just randomly pick one of our most productive and fun days ever...

We started by hanging out Friday night in the studio with Chris of Depaul Radio's Quite Simply the Rock Show

They had some Bear vs. Shark, but also some questionable titles.

After the radio show Simon, Samma, Karwacki and I went to see my heroes Spoon play at the Riv. It was a solid show, they played some of my favorite tracks like 'Minor Tough' and 'Fitted Shirt' but the sound quality was shaky at first and the crowd was as riveting as a tailgate for Wimbledon. At least I saw them front row at Lolla!

We spent the second half of the show at the bar, wearing scarves. We couldn't really see past the tall people. So it was like someone was playing a mix of my favorite band in the background while I was at an awkward bar that served beer in mini keg cups. Not so bad, I guess.

Obligatory transit photo (post show)

Simon had a scarf too.

I went to bed early Friday because at 10 am we reported front and center to the Elbo Room to record our fist-pumping, crowd pleasing anthem 'Campfires & Vampires.' Here I am during drum EQ.

Don't worry, our new song will be on Myspace soon. More importantly, it will be featured on a sampler for the "Rock the Room" party we are playing at November 2 (at Elbo Room). Good guys at that place.

Did I mention we were recording, starting at 10 am in the morning?

Fast -forward:: post recording celebration at Kendalls.


And after that the night ended peacefully at Samma's pad. Or did it?

TIMEOUT!! Did I mention our show this Saturday?

Local hip hop superstars Walter J. Liveharder and Jedsed and rock-addicts Bully in the Hallway... all on the same bill??

YES! It's Christmas in October...come nod your heads to beats then watch them explode to rock and roll.

Door at 9 pm and only $7!


Underground Lounge: Clark and Sheffield and Newport (on Newport)

Bully in the Hallway is:

Billy Kenefick - guitar, vocals
Matt Simon - vocals
Aaron Levinsky - bass
Matt Jannotta - drums, t-shirts in absentia
Matt Kennedy - guitar, vocals

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Justin said...

i have always wanted to see what a day in the life was like, but i was afraid to ask.