Wednesday, August 3, 2011


MyGoodness is a rock duo from Seattle who we are thrilled to play with!

ManBirdBelly are great friends of Bully in the Hallway. Don't miss them!

Hey folks. Summer is not NEARLY over, especially when there's a Bully in the Hallway show coming up at the Hideout on August 14th. We're playing with My Goodness,  a duo that is "the purest distillation of rock, blues, and punk from Seattle, WA." Also joining us will be our dear friends and locals ManBirdBelly, who bring a unique mix of rock, folk and jangle that honestly is one of the most unique sounds in the City. 

We all know that nobody wants weekends to end, and some of us sit at home on Sundays just because we think we should. This is your opportunity to do the opposite - to get out there and cram in a bit more fun before you have to reset and do whatever it is you have to do. 

Remember, life may be money but you can't buy good times like this (although you can for only $8!).

Hideout 1345 W. Wabansia
Doors at 8
$8 and it's 21+

TICKETS HERE (Show your support now before you blow all your cash!)

Life is Money by bullyinthehallway

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