Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Melting the snow

Our show last Friday at Subterranean was a great one indeed....dare I say our best show of 2011? We debuted a new song, "Life is Money", played "Famous Young Monsters" from our Advice EP live for the first time, and we even through in the old favorite "I've Been Meaning to Say" from our dear Apples and Sunshine LP.

Here's some fantastic pics (thanks Amanda!), including a shot of our buddies Verona Red who debuted their entire new EP Pound in a 1.5 hour set that even included a full horn section playing "Vehicle" and "Pump it Up." Talk about work effort!

Ok, now to get ready to record at Phantom Manor in 2 weeks!

My guitar shines like a diamond in this pic.

Kennedy looking stoic.

A nice group shot here, including the lights on the spiral stairs.

Verona Red pounding out "Pound"

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