Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Busy Bully!

So we have a busy couple weeks...

First this Sunday January 24th we are going be on Local 101 on Q101 at 9pm!!!

You may be able to listen online at Local 101


January 28th...

FREE Show at the Double Door!!!


February 9th
we are going to be on Fearless Radio, which is an independent internet radio station out of Chicago... Please support and Listen to us!

If you want to contact us while we are on which they encourage...

Fans and friends:

To listen:

IM questions: fearlessradio00 on AIM Yahoo; fearlessradio on MSN

Tweet questions:

They love for it to be an interactive good time!

Please take a gander!

And Finally on Saturday the 13th of February we will be playing Quenchers...

Should be good times.

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