Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When We Packed The Empty Bottle On A Wednesday!

We just wanted to thank the Empty Bottle and everyone who made it out!

As well we would like to thank Violetness and ManBirdBelly for helping us make this show possible.

For such a rainy Wednesday night, it felt wonderful to get 150+ folks out to dance the night away.

Violetness Kicked it Off.

Our wonderful friend Vanessa and Companions tore through a vigilant set...

Exploring the sounds of the heart...

And the cavernous imagery of love.

With a sound of her own...

Watchout America, A future star is born!

ManBirdBelly Killed Right After!

With the night being their Ep release...

Killing it with tracks like "Golden Ghost"

Their debut EP "Blind Arrows" should be checked out...

Killing it with shrieks and at times a ghoulish sound that crackles and cackles like a campfire.

We're Just Happy To Have Band Friends...

MBB a slice of why Chicago is making a motion towards reigniting the IndieRockScene.

bully was getting ready in the Green Room...

Matty J loosening his stems.

Bill and MJ thought a pre-set stretch was necessary.

Master K and Bill setting up their gitfiddle areas.

Kicking off the set with "Magnanimous Corpses" we were set to dance.

A whirlwind of fire that lit up the lights and killed the dullness...

We played like we were trying to impress our GF's, wait maybe we were. hmmm...

We rocked out tearing through new, as well as old, tracks...

Kennedy brought the rock and the glam.

The lighting was very fitting.

Aaron didn't let his Taiwan conference calls interrupt his superb and flawless bass playing...

Bill was as wild as ever thrashing out some mean licks.

My jeans couldn't get tighter. Eeck.

We bowed down and paid homage to all those who rocked before us.

Paying homage to our fallen rock bretheren.

MJ drummed until the house shook.

We kept on singing, it felt like Radley was onstage with us!

Living vicariously through our tones...

It was Matt's sister Kathleen's BDay. So he put her on the spot.

And sang her the Happy Birthday Song!!!

With a ripping encore of "For Now" and "CHICAGO" the night came to an end.

But we will be back onstage soon! Real soon!

Thank you again to everyone who made it out...

And thank you Justin James, again, for the wonderful photos!!

I can't wait for our bones to be gold and our homes to be homes.

Much Love!!


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