Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Steal The Wind It's Free Music Video!!!

Hey Gang!! What's good? Hope everyone out there on the interweb had a wonderful Labor Day, and for all yous outside these fine borders... hope your weekender went swimmingly. I had a great weekend myself. Woke up Monday with a shaved chest and Mohawk... Wild bfast bbq at Shoe's on Funday. And Ruby Red Yachtsman. + 2 Tiffany's. Anyways... We have finally finished our very first video for the very first single off our debut LP "Apples and Sunshine" ---> "Steal The Wind It's Free" Hope you dig it. We want to thank Victor Grigas for making this video possible, and all the hard work he put forth directing. We also want to thank the crew that came out and filmed. As well as Chicago for being so beautiful. Hope you enjoy it!!!

We will be posting new show updates sometime this week.

Also if you have any Halloween or Holiday party's that need a rocking.

Don't hesitate to email us. bullyinthehallway@gmail.com

We will play for appreciation.

Have a great week!


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