Monday, February 13, 2012

Chicago Mixtape Monday!!

Holy crap! We're on the Chicago Mixtape this week! That's right, you can get access to a FREE Bully in the Hallway track on this week's mix!

It's live for ONE WEEK ONLY so be sure to sign up for FREE!

Here's who we joined this week, on Mixtape 53. See you February 21st at Pancho's!!

Band: Chris Connelly – Song: Classically Wounded
Show: 2/21/2012 Lincoln Hall – Site:

Band: Panda Riot – Song: Like Flowers At Night
Show: 2/16/2012 Subterranean – Site:

Band: Dead Rider – Song: L. Rider
Show: 2/17/2012 Hideout – Site:

Band: Bully in the Hallway – Song: Life Is Money
Show: 2/21/2012 Panchos – Site:

Band: Coffin Ships – Song: Hillary Is An Animol
Show: 2/18/2012 Panchos – Site:

Band: Grandkids – Song: Ethylene
Show: 2/19/2012 Subterranean – Site:

Band: Rachele Eve – Song: Our Love Is Imagined
Show: 2/16/2012 Hideout – Site:


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