Thursday, December 22, 2011

Press and Praise for "Crooks and their Castles"

 “Just a whole lotta rock solid, fast-paced guitar work… the multifold harmonies are awfully nice, not something you usually hear in music that leans on the punk side.” 

“If they keep this up, we may be talking about this Bully in the same breath as another Chicago band with punk tendencies who can carry a tune, and that’s Rise Against.” 

“…It’s hard to deny how effortless it sounds for Bully in the Hallway to bring such a raucous rock style to a level of maturity. Most of their songs race along at a high tempo, but the harmonies are clear and accented and never feel amateurish or immature.” 

“…With Crooks and their Castles, Bully in the Hallway manage to craft a version of melodic punk and hardcore while not letting their love of alternative rock and big hooks go to the wayside. And instead, they combine them for a record that’s equally fun as it is energetic.”

“The second coming of Naked Raygun?” 

“Crooks is bursting with energy, excitement, and hooks. This only being Bully’s second full-length, the album proves that this is a band to keep an eye on.” 

“[Crooks and their Castles] still demonstrates a similar sense of guitar interplay and approach to melody that helps distinguish the band from the sea of a million punk rock bands, but it’s punk influences also help make it stand out from the equally overpopulated post hardcore/first wave emo scene. “ 

“At their heart, Bully in the Hallway is smart punk rock. Smart lyrically, musically and emotionally – and what appealed to the smart teen or early twenty-something in you that made you find something more meaningful than the mosh pit will still appeal to the older you. “ 

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