Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bully in the Hallway Interview on Converse.com!

We recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by the folks at Play.converse.com, a fantastic music and lifestyle blog curated in part by Vice Magazine.

Here's the link!

Except below:

September 13, 2011

Ripping in Chi-Town 
By: Harry Cheadle

Bully in the Hallway is a five-piece rock band from Chicago. To describe them as anything else but a “rock band”—to add a bunch of adjectives describing their songs and the sound of their guitars—would be pretty self-indulgent and pointless. You know what rock songs sound like, right? Heavy drums, yelling, chords? They sound like the blue-collar, middle-of-the-country version of that, which is fitting since they’re from Chicago. We talked to guitarist/vocalist Billy Kenefick and vocalist John Matthew Simon recently about their new album Crooks and Their Castles, taking vocal lessons, and doing everything from the music to the PR work themselves.

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