Thursday, May 5, 2011

BITH in the Onion AV Club...

We did it!!! 

We got coverage in the highly coveted Onion AV Club!! 


Here's what our pal Kyle Ryan had to say....


"Playing the Metro remains the No. 1 goal of bands from the Chicago area, and local punk outfit Bully In The Hallway has the added fortune of landing a Friday-night slot. It couldn’t come at a better time: The band is finishing up its new album, tentatively titled Crooks And Their Castles, to follow up its solid debut, Apples And Sunshine, which found a nice synthesis of East Bay melodic punk (like Samiam) with its Midwestern forebears (like Naked Raygun and The Replacements). "

Get your $6 tickets with the promo code "bully"

Thanks again Kyle and everyone over at the Onion AV Club!!! We look forward to many more write-ups, reviews, and interviews.

Hope to see you out there tomorrow!!!


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