Friday, March 25, 2011

Billy Visits SXSW - A photo journey

I had a great time at SXSW. Props to JEFF the Brotherhood (my favorite band of SXSW), VEOBA, Eyes and Ears Entertainment, Volcom (great free show!), Verona Red, JBTV, Consequence of Sound, In Tall Buildings, my boy Fred, Austin Texas, BBQ, Lone Star Beer and live music.

my host, Fred

yours truly


Football won each game



JEFF the Brotherhood, my new favorite band!

chillin' on the bar

Verona Red keeping the Chicago Scene alive in ATX

Football's last game

football on the roof

Touchdown ends the show

Scott Lucas and the Married Men

Jack White's car/record

Hip hoppers know how to promote!



Best indie band at SXSW

Takka Takka


See ya Texas

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