Thursday, December 16, 2010


After two wonderful shows at the Hideout in Chicago and at Mike N' Mollys in Champaign-Urbana, we rounded out our October, or as Bill would say "Rocktober", with a night at our buddies' bar in Milwaukee The Bad Genie Rock Lounge...

This weekend wasn't going to be another night of us driving up, playing, drinking, sleeping, fucking/dreaming, and then packing up to head home. Oh no... We decided to bring as many friends as we could up to the show(s). It just so happen that LCD Soundsystem/Hot Chip and Five Finger Death Punch were nice enough to open for us the night before at the Rave. What a spectacle it was!!! 50+ BITH friends up in Milwaukee for an entire weeks end! Oh no! Besides being those fucking kids these days, destroying hotels, enlivening Milk Town, and overall bringing back "the" swagger... We plain had fun, fun, fun... FUN!

The first night was LCD Soundsystem at the Rave...


Everyone loves bouncing balls...

Upstairs At The Rave: LCD Soundsystem

After the wonderful and explosive Friday at the Rave we ventured on a wild night of Bullydom at The Bad Genie...

All the ladies were doing it...

And the fellas. ALL IN PLAID [Billy's note]

"Oh Mon, another Milwaukee night. And now Bully!"

"This will motivate, or alleviate!"

Billy and Ian were psyched.

Kennedy and Simon pleased and ready to cheese the audience.

James and Jannotta were ready for BITH! 

We played some oldies.

Some newbies.

Tight Pantz.

2.5 hrs of Bully... I feel bad for J's arms.

Fender Ender Gender Bender

Ended the night with some Scorpion and some scorpions...

Thank you to everyone who made it to Milwaukee with us and thank you to the Bad Genie for having us!

Next it's on to our SOLDOUT! show at the Subt with Scattered Trees, Urbanites and our good friends The Fallen Rivers...

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