Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hiding Out In The Chi

Ah yes... We have neglected to update our blog over the past few weeks because of one moment of fun after another. However this will be the last time that such neglect occurs. It is my November 17th resolution to keep the world in the loop. So over the next few days we will be posting about the past 6 weeks of Bullydumb.

At last juncture we were auditioning for the RedBull TV show "Rock the Route", which they regretfully passed on us for... Nonetheless two of our favorite Chicago bands and friends (Young Jesus and Brighton, MA) were selected.



Please support both of these bands... The advancement of one expedites the betterment of the Chicago scene. Our Scene.

You can check out the Rock The Route videos and updates on the REDBULL site.

Now to our Hideout show...

Wow what an incredible time... Smack dab in the middle of the Goose Island industrial park is this musical gem called The Hideout. It was our first time playing what is one of the best venues in the Midwest. It is a tranquil and serene scene that feels very much like a rock n' roll treehouse. On October 8th, 2010 we were fortunate to join our friends The Record Low and Blueheels on stage at this lovely staple of Chicago. Here are some pictures courtesy of our good friend Justin James and his light capturing techniques.

We would like to thank The Hideout, The Record Low, Blueheels, and everyone that attended this event... Thank you!

Over the past few weeks we have been compiling videos and will soon have a montage/collage of our Rocktober...

Next Update: Champaign Rock


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