Wednesday, September 29, 2010


28 SEPTEMBER LISTEN: Bully In The Hallway’s “Magnanimous Corpses”

Seeing as we’re in the thick of fall and next month is October, the Halloween month, we thought we’d share this track, aptly titled “Magnanimous Corpses”, from Chicago rockers Bully In The Hallway.

The track comes from their latest release, Advice EP, and is quite the rocker indeed. It opens with some grungy guitar bends, which leads to some staccato, Fugazi-style vocals before closing with some early Foo Fighters-era Dave Grohl screams. Check out “Magnanimous Corpses” at the left.

If this got your adrenaline going, be sure to catch Bully In The Hallway on Friday, October 8, at the Hideout. Tickets are available right now at for only $8!

-Richard Giraldi-

Thank you to everyone at for getting this out there. We greatly appreciate it.

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