Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Aaron's getting married!

As you may or may not know, our beloved bass player extraordinaire Mr. Aaron Levinsky is tying the knot to his beautiful fiance Julia this Saturday. Aaron met Julia at Empty Bottle (I was there) in the Pre-Bully-Era (but not too far before the band). I've known Aaron since freshman year of high school and have played music with him for years. When Simon, Kennedy and Jannotta and I decided to start jamming Bully tunes it didn't take more than a second to know who to ask to help with the bass duties.

Here's a tribute to our man Aaron!

Aaron loves to dress nicely for gigs
Not all gigs though! Here he is dressed like a Pirate - Arrr
The Pepper and the Pirate, bro-ing down.
Working hard on "Apples and Sunshine"
Working hard on the "Advice EP"

 Aaron rules.

Bully in the Hallway - Steal the Wind It's Free from Victor Grigas on Vimeo.

See Aaron fake-play his famous bass solo in our Steal The Wind It's Free Video! (dir. Victor Grigas)

<a href="http://bullyinthehallway.com/track/steal-the-wind-its-free">Steal The Wind It's Free by bully in the hallway</a>
Stream the song!

<a href="http://bullyinthehallway.com/track/ive-been-meaning-to-say">I've Been Meaning To Say... by bully in the hallway</a>
Here you can listen to "I've Been Meaning to Say" also off of Apples and Sunshine - this track features yet another great bass solo by the Master, Aaron.

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