Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Check Out Our InterView For Novem Life!!!

Last week I was fortunate to be able to chat with Jessica Blanc at Novem...

She shot me some questions...

Here's an example.

Apples and Sunshine is out and flourishing, how does it feel to get some of your work recorded and produced for your fans?
Relieving, satisfying… We’re thankful to finally have it out in the public spectrum, but anticipating, anxiously, the critics eye. Right now we’re holding onto our seats. So far we’ve heard nothing but positive feed back from our fans, as well as the folks we worked with on it… And so far, so good.
I must say, I really enjoy it myself. It sounds great. How was your show at Reggie’s?
Lots of fun. We always get billed with great bands when we work with MPShows. Mark Mallman was wild… Rocky Horror Jay Reatard meets Piano Man. The other two acts Late Aprill and The Melismatics killed it as well. It was a real blast. That stage is fun to play, like a level straight out of Guitar Hero. The only discrepancy was when we unveiled a new track called “Golden Bones” about 3 quarters into our set most the audience was cleared out because of curfew laws. We all looked at each other like, “Are they hating this right now?” “Let’s play harder!” We were later told why the audience was moved, much to our relief.
Yikes, the new curfew laws are a bummer for the scene, and with still talks of the promoter ordinance, things could get even worse.
Yeah, we hope that our local government is combed through and cleaned up. They are trying to put constraints, much like the sales tax hike, which will greatly effect music “tourism” and viewership. If they did like Bloomberg and cut the sales tax in half or thought about dropping that promoter ordinance, their would be a boom for those service industries. Chicago’s Machine is the equivalent of a GM Truck, when we need to be a Tesla Coup.

Novem Life Interview

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