Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Apples and Sunshine" bully in hallway album release show - live at double door 7.18.09 - photos by justin james

Thanks again to Justin James for delivering some amazing photos of our show and thanks to Astral Planes, El Aiche and Life No. Nine and of course the Double Door for a great night!

More info on Justin James here:

Simon is from Chicago

Master K

Master J

Aaron Levinsky - my favorite photo of the night!

Here I am noodling very very loudly in between songs just to annoy people. Kidding!

Peeps! Can you spot the original Bully in the Hallway t-shirt (a limited 1/1 edition)

Awwoooogaahh!" - Simon warms up by imitating a tugboat horn.

When's Nike going to sponsor us? I can't risk spraining an ankle like this, I need the support of some new Nike SB Low's. Nike, we're waiting and you can email us about addresses to send shoes that we will wear EVERY DAY and at EVERY SHOW.

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