Thursday, June 4, 2009

photos :: ronny's

Some photos from our latest show at Ronny's, courtesy of @amandagilmore. Ronny the bartender worked pretty hard to serve all the fans that came out for Goodbye Home, H.O.M.E.S., Bottom of the Lake and us. Thanks to everyone for coming out to one of my favorite shows in a long long time!!!

- Billy

There was a birthday party show at Ronny's at some point, hence the streamers in the back.

Noodlin' on the gitter.

Did Simon make or buy this shirt? Haven't asked yet.

Jannotta forgot to wear pants. Again.

Bully Trivia: We played our 2nd ever cover song at this show. Kennedy sang lead.

You can't see it, but behind Simon, Aaron's shirt says (in really small letters) "Everything I eat turns to poop."

"My ass is so serious" - Simon

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