Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hip Hop and We don't Stop.

What's good everyone? Hope you all can make it out tonight!! We are playing the Wednesday Affair at Tonic Room with our pals Akasha!!!

In other news...

Our friend Laissez Faire At Republic Union have featured one of our songs up on their website @

Republic Union

Here is a description from

"Republic Union is a brand new streetwear company essentially designed to express the art and creativity of the Hip Hop culture. Republic Union, formerly known as ST0404 (Street Connoisseurs) is a fashion company originally formed in Singapore, that is rapidly spreading worldwide. They currently design limited edition shirts and sneakers to ensure that each creation is unique. Some of the company's more notable designs are the four pairs of shoes and Robostar Tee made for Lupe Fiasco. One of the sneakers were worn on the cover of Food & Liquor..."

Check out their website!

And check out our song "Chicago" which is being featured!

Have a great Day!

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