Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jacko Face Melts Audiences; One Last Time.

I heard on BBC Music Weekly that MJack himself is getting back on tour... A Stationary stop in London @ the O2 for 10 shows. 350,000 people registered for a 10 show 20,000 person venue. WTF... I mean don't get me wrong the first audio cassette that I purchased by finagling cash out of family and extended family was "BAD" which was a fucking great record. Now the cheesiest show on earth has set forth to conquer what remains of the pop world.


1 [pop] Show IPA verb, popped, pop⋅ping, noun, adverb, adjective –verb (used without object)
1. to make a short, quick, explosive sound:

Nothing has been short about this man/?'s career...

Will the likes of Chris Brown head down this path and deliquesce into the foreground like Jacko's face? I can't wait to see...

On a side note... We are writing new material right now, although we haven't stopped. That's what this whole gig is about right? We have two new songs that we are working on tonight. They're called "Advice" and "Stick-Up Chicks"

Anyways if you are not busy go check our pals The Loyal Divide at the Empty Bottle Tonight!!!


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