Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Here are some photos from our show at Schubas, thanks again to our photog king Justin and of course to the other bands and our friends at Novem Studios for getting everyone together. Be sure to check on the new Novem Store on Ashland!

All the gang + special guest Austin on the sax for the 2-song encore.

simon is known to...

..hop from time to time.

Kennedy models a Novem shirt while A-Ron looms.

While Billy wears a long sleeve casual dress shirt, Jannotta remains shirtless and practically pantless.

Jannotta warms things up with a solo to start our set. A-ron came in shortly after some drum fills to lay down some bass as we built the band before the amazed audience's very eyes.

Simon sings in the shadows.

Stunned, awkward silence between each song. Except Wally looks pretty hyped.

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