Friday, July 25, 2008

tonic room recap

bully in the hallway started out doing open mics. one of the first open mic nights we played was at Tonic Room. Back then it was just me (billy), simon and kennedy and we only had about 2 or 3 songs to choose from. One of which was "Chicago" (back then a lot slower), which we played in our first set of the night which was primarily acoustic at our tonic room show this week.

here we are covering "Creep" by Radiohead and/or "Badfish" by Sublime. Just kidding! We have been cover-free since November 2006. friends don't let friends cover songs.

kennedy wore a great shirt that night. He told me he caught his sister filtering his wardrobe and re-populating it with new items.


although there is kind of a blur in focus on kennedy to the left, here you can see the varying lengths of sideburns within the band.

that green shirt is reversible and J. wears it at least once a week, every week.

see what i mean about the shirt? it fits fantastic.

aaron told me the tonic room set(s) were some of his favorite ever.

small room, big yelps.

we had like seriously 12321,12321 guitars on stage i am surprised we didn't all trip and impale ourselves on them.

"bee dee bee dee bee dee bee dee dee dee" - my guitar

so i've adapted a newer guitar strap position, which as you can see is much higher up than my previous billie-joe/kurt cobain low-slang position. while i may not be able to play naked any more, i find this new setup to enhance playability.

the art department locks into a cold groove.

thanks again to justin for the awesome photos. we'll pay you as soon as we can, i promise.

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