Thursday, May 8, 2008

hey hey there what's new?

It's waaay to sunny outside (albeit 55 degrees and MAY) to spend too much time on the computer, but here is a photo-essay of the Bully life recently.

we've spent some more time at the lovely Phantom Manor recording. you can hear a rough version of one of our new songs at our Myspace page.

It's called "rough new track" or something like that.

we are pretty intent on taking this record straight to the top. that's why we definitely are laying down sweet overdubs using a variety of important instruments.

keeping time is as important as looking good in the studio. these guys accomplish both with ease.

Sometimes when you are walking around at night you look to your left and notice a life-size John Cusack cutout in the passenger seat of a parked van, looking right back at you. It may or may not freak you out, but nonetheless you will have a memory and a story to share for months to come.

Most recently I saw the Tight Phantomz play at the Empty Bottle. What a show! It's like Led Zeppllin at 90 mph without indulgent singing or any acoustic guitars. And you get to see a wiggly, scruffy man hop around on stage while treating his guitar like a piece of tin.

And who is that scruffy man of which I speak? Non other than Mike Lust, our engineer and spiritual guide at Phantom Manor (pictured to the left of Michael Doulglas in this photo).

Tight Phantomz opened for The Narrator, a local Chicago band that I have really grown to like a lot recently. In fact, it was picking up their latest album "All That To The Wall" that played a major role in leading us to Phantom Manor to record. That and the Sybris album of course..

Too bad it was their last show! They had a lot of friends on stage.

Other than my photojournalism above, we've been busy playing shows and practicing. We played Double Door in March, and Ronny's in April. Both shows were awesome. I'm working on getting photos. We also recorded our set at Double Door so as soon as we get a decent mix we can share some live tracks. Simon had a tonsillectomy (spelling?), which sucked but he's all better now. Kennedy got a new amp. Aaron went to China, and I visited NYC. Now its time to keep the shows coming (Elbo room may 31st..) Oh yea and pretty soon you will be hearing a lot of our new material. I'm getting pumped up just typing this. Gotta go!


Oh and I hope you saw us/see us at Betty's Blue Star lounge!

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