Monday, October 1, 2007

black lips!

so i guess nature decided to give us one last hot, sweaty weekend here in chicago before crapping all over us with cold weather and rain. personally, i don't mind the coolness and wearing jackets and whatever, but even so i will miss the inability to comfortably walk around outside for the months of January through March.

anyway, myself and some friends celebrated this surprisingly warm weekend by seeing the black lips and the Mannequin Men friday and then generally continuing to make asses of ourselves as if it were mid-july.

off to the show

andrea was there! i passed out about 100 of our fliers at the black lips CONCERT. i asked one random chick if she would go and she was like 'i don't think so.' i asked why, and she said 'i don't really do concerts.' the irony was biting! we can count on andrea though!

steve loves blackberry chat

it was nice of kate to have the black lips play for her birthday

still into coozies

in order to repay me for the ticket i got him, simon purchased a black lips hoodie for me. i am wearing it at this very moment.

hard-workin dudes, the black lips.

after the show, one of the black lips told simon he noticed our flier as he was pissing on it in the urinal. he complimented our flier placement.

DID I MENTION? we have a show this saturday at Silvies Lounge!

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