Monday, August 27, 2007

House of Blues - Epic Recap

Well, we played our show at House of Blues last Saturday. I have to say, it was probably one of the more exciting evenings that I can remember, and definitely a night that reminded me just how fun it was to be in a band.

Here is a look into our pre-show routine.

AND NOW for the show it self.

Kennedy, Simon and Aaron milling about.

A seasoned veteran of the road, Jannotta was impressed by HOB hospitality.

Fridge #1 of 3. All the beer was gone before the Musical Outfits took the stage.

Plane kicked ass.

Rearin' to go.



Everything wrapped up around 10:30. This sound dude was pretty chill, he said he chilled with Mos Def the night before, who was reportedly cooler than Kanye. Well duh.


We have some dedicated fans.

Wally and Simon, discussing and scheming.

All smiles from mr kennedy

Keepin' high fives a live

Bro'in down, hard.

Superfan/birthday dude.

Superfan #2.

Always photogenic.

See ya September 14 at the Elbo Room.

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