Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer Tour 2007 Photos

Hi Friends. Summer has been great so far for live music in Chicago.

And now for some Photos from Bully in the Hallway's Summer Tour:

First show (6.28.07) at Elbo Room. Kennedy was outta town!

Jumping at Elbo Room

Kennedy came back for the Wise Fool's Show (7.5.07)

Wise Fool's

Lily's (7.11.07)

Bird's Nest (7.27.07)

Trippy Bird's Nest Photo

My awesome flyer. Makeshift Gentlemen never showed.


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Hdhdhd said...

Werd, bro. Off the chain. This one goes out to Matt: You don't know me, but I sailed with your dad a few times. We probably met at one of his parties or something... shit, dude, I'm going to see you guys at the House. That stuff's gonna be amazing... Danger is a kick ass song!!!